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Poster: Spuzz Date: Dec 29, 2004 6:36am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Salvation Army "Found" recordings..

Recently on a trip to the Sally Ann, I found a great trove of tapes with people, families, and individuals doing weird things on tape. Singing, talking, heck, I even found a rather bizarre arguement with a drunk sugar daddy and his ummm, coked-up "friend" who are having this CLASSIC arguement about the rent, "Going to Ottawa" and their "relationship" with, I kid you not, Corey Hart playing in the background. It dates back from 1988.

Just wondering the legalities of posting "found" personal recordings are..

ps. Yes, Corey Hart!

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Poster: Sunny D Date: Jan 14, 2005 11:20am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Re: Salvation Army 'Found' recordings..


An interesting dilemma. With regards to the legality of Corey Hart, the volume of the song seems to be the key factor here. The documentary ends with the protagonist listening to his car's radio. He states, to the the camera, if I turn this up louder you'd have to pay for it right." The documentary filmmaker responds, "Yeah." The subject then cranks it up to full volume. In the case of your found recordings, if the music is incidental to the action then I'd say it's fine. But I could be wrong....

The question of whether you should upload the tapes contents onto the Archive seems to be an ethical one. If people are disclosing personal information that might be detrimental to their privacy (credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, full names), then every step should be taken to censure those sensitive parts.

The tapes sound intriguing and I'd like to hear them. But maybe others (with more experience in copyright law) should respond before you make any decisions.


p.s. Love your reviews